Line-of-Sight Surveys

Our team of Line-of-Sight (LoS) specialists travel the length and breadth of the country, completing essential high quality LoS surveys.  From the initial network designs provided by the customer, completion of the LoS surveys enables our customers to finalise transmission plans accurately and efficiently, to establish microwave links on existing and future sites.  All this helps underpin the resilience and development of the UK’s communications networks.  Our LoS team also specialises in microwave radio trials – when extended links, or mildly obstructive links, need to be overcome.

Our team has 19 years’ experience in carrying out LoS surveys on varied projects for many different Network Operators, including: Vodafone, MBNL, Arqiva, Orange and T-Mobile (now EE).

Crucial to the team’s success within the Telecommunications market is their extensive knowledge and experience of providing a quality and accurate service utilising the various operating systems of our customers.